BUGG TREE CARE has been doing some fun things in the community since we opened shop in 2016, and we wanted to share some of the stories. We give our arborists one paid day per year to volunteer at an organization of their choice, where they can share our love of climbing and caring for trees. Here are a few things they like to do:


BUGG TREE CARE joined a volunteer crew of area Arborists in service of the trees at Henry Vilas Zoo, famously pruning the honey locust that hangs over the lion cage. Zookeepers smartly housed the lions elsewhere during the event!


BUGG TREE CARE joined other Wisconsin Arborist Association members for the annual Dream Night, an event for midwest families who have a child with serious health issues. It was a very busy night, with nearly 800 in attendance, and like every Dream Night, happiness was on full display.


BUGG TREE CARE helped to support #naturebasedplay for kids of all ages by donating and delivering up cycled wood materials to a number of play areas in the Madison Area. Nature based play initiatives encourage creative play and interaction with the natural world.