BUGG TREE CARE is excited to now offer free wood chips and delivery anywhere within its service area! Here are a few benefits of natural chips to help you consider whether or not a load is right for your property…

Unlike most store-bought products, our wood chips are not treated with any chemicals. They come from naturally occurring trees and brush from local projects in the community. This means, the come from a worksite straight to your home.

By reusing trees and brush that would otherwise be hauled to organic waste sites, we help to lower our collective carbon footprint. We also eliminate the packaging found when buying store bought products by unloading what you need in your driveway.

Wood chips help to retain moisture in gardens, as well as around trees. This is of particular value on hot summer days. The heat of the sun can evaporate the ground moisture needed to keep your plants healthy.

Some important things to consider when requesting wood chips

  • Your dump spot must be accessible to our arborists without a phone call prior.
  • Make sure the dump spot is big enough. No less than 8′ wide, and 15′ long, with room for our truck to maneuver. The chips will spill out on all sides. So make sure to barricade or move any delicate plants, pots, yard art, garden gnomes, etc., that might get buried. 
  • Make sure there aren’t cars parked in the dump spot during the day. 
  • Areas along busy streets (speed limit >25mph) are not great dump spots. 
  • Check for low overhead lines and tree branches that the drop box would hit as it’s being raised. They can go up about 20′. 
  • Leave a marker on the place where you want the chips dropped. This can be a tarp or a cone. 
  • Include a secondary dump spot in your message, in case the crew is not able to drop them at your first choice. (e.g. ‘If you can’t drop them in the driveway, drop them on the side of the road in front of the house.’).

Please complete our Free Wood Chips Form if you would like BUGG TREE CARE to make a delivery to your property. We’d love to see you!

Loads are 10-15 cubic yards, generally the width of a single car driveway. Use the blog image as a reference. We are only able to bring full truck loads, and you should expect nothing less than 5 cubic yards.