The benefits of winter pruning are numerous

There are numerous benefits to winter pruning, and oak trees should only ever be pruned during the winter. It’s also easier to identify hazardous limbs that need to be removed when a trees branches aren’t covered with leaves. The optimal window of time to prune a tree’s branches is late winter and early spring. However, pruning outside winter and spring is sometime unavoidable because of hazardous circumstances. Please call BUGG TREE CARE if an incident like this occurs. 



The leafless dormancy period of winter allows trained arborists to more easily identify dead or hazardous limbs. Also, if the ground is frozen, pruning activities will have a less damaging effect on the functional root zone of a tree or garden, which can be injured when pruned during warm weather. Some of the functions of a healthy root system are water and mineral conduction; food and water storage; and anchorage. Pruning hazardous limbs in a timely manner will help your tree to live a long and happy life.



The tree’s growth (including wound closure) slows significantly and does not begin again until the following spring. Research shows that optimum wound closure is achieved by pruning during late winter and early spring, right before the lush growth of spring. In other words, if you prune your tree(s) outside of late winter and early spring, you run the risk of pruning not healing as well. Pest are also more able to take advantage of a tree’s wound, which should be avoided whenever possible.



The benefits of winter pruning minimize potential problems stemming from pruning at the wrong time. A couple examples of these problems are destructive insects and fungal infections attacking at the spot of the wound left by pruning. Pruning during winter months allows for the healing to begin before the warmer months bring on these complications. Pruning outside of late winter and early spring is sometimes unavoidable because of hazards, like broken branches that have fallen on a home. Please call BUGG TREE CARE if this occurs.


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